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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Lately on Stardoll : Saint Laurent Paris Tribute and Callie's Picks Issue No. 17 : Urban Legends

I will be honest, I'm only writing this post for my blog archive. These two new collections were fairly dissapointing and I hardly found two or three things I liked, but not enough to buy them. The Saint Laurent tribute has some cute accessories but they are overpiced, like the "Spike Velvet Bow" for 16 stardollars, and the "Heavy Chainlinnk Necklace" for 13 stardollars.

However I have spotted two dolls that managed to make those clothes work and created some stunning outfits. Marbum has styled the "Oversized Jersey" from Callie's Picks in a brilliant way, I love the whole sports luxe feeling. voula_beauty wore a black and white outfit, very classy and elegant and added a fresh and young touch with the "Hot Yellow Stilettos" from Saint Laurent Paris.

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