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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

How to Style : Plain White Tee

Everyone has a basic white t-shirt in their wardrobe, It versatille, easy to wear on every hour of the day and all year around. You can wear it with literally everything, dress it up or down, it offers limitless styling potential.
There are a few white t shirts in Starplaza like the "White T Shirt" from Basics and the "Paris Tee" from It Girls. In this post I styled the "Frappe Tee" from It Girls.
Left outfit : Frappe Tee, It Girls | Hobeica Insp Ruffle Skirt, Windows on the World | Royalty Spring Ceremony Sandals, Royalty | Roaring Clutch, Decades * | Beastly Sunglasses, Beastly * | Gangster Glam Hat, Bonjour Bisou *
Right outfit : Open Black Cape, Pet A Porter | Frappe Tee, It Girls | White Lace Dress, Basics * | Layer Boot Hide, | Fiiting Pink Purse, Rio * | Silver Slice Thigh High Tights, Jean Paul Gaultier | Striped Socks, It Girls *

*Starcoins items

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