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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Subcouture New Collection

The new time-limited Subcouture collection is out. Like last time the store will be up for 48 hours. Only this time there was a twist! For two hours, two dresses were available exclusively for superstar members and they were later removed from the store.
Visit our blog partner Stardoll RealBrands to see the real life versions of the clothes (here)
The prices range from 9 to 30 stardollars and the two superstar dresses costed 24 and 30 stardollars. Here is the whole collection :

My picks: The "Hot Rods Gown"  (26sd), looks amazing when worn. Even though it's gold, it's not over the top. The "Subcouture Superstars Minidress" (24sd), which was one of the 2-hours items, has a very interesting design. The very feminine thin strap on one side and loose fit on the other side along with the very flattering neckline make this dress made me add this dress in my cart right away. The "Peach Suede Platforms" (14sd) were my favourites shoes, they can be worn with everything. The "Licorise Tassel Clutch" (13sd) is a quirky little purse, which can instantly elevate an outfit. The "Subcouture Tote" (16sd) is a classic black and white handbag, casual and easy to wear.

Left outfit: Hot Rods Gown, Subcouture | PPQ Long Earring, PPQ | Peach Suede Platforms, Subcouture
Right outfit: Subcouture Superstars Minidress, Subcouture | Black Pencil Skirt, Fallen Angel | Black Harem Pants, Folk | Glitter Peep Toes, Rio | Cascade Courtney Necklace, Archive | Basic Black Bra, It Girls

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