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Monday, 17 March 2014

Rio New Collection

A new collection of Rio was released earlier today. The prices range from 5 to 18 stardollars and there are three starcoins items ranging from 46 to 140. I don't want to exaggerate, but this collection is by far my favourite of the last months (maybe year). The Rio store has been really stepping up the game. Both, this collection and the previous one (here) were very good.

The highlights of the collection : 
First thing I got my hands on was the "Bianca Headscarf" which I loved from the moment I saw the spoilers and I was pleasantly surprised to see it's price, only 46 starcoins. The "Sharp Cape Blazer", in both colors, is amazing as well, very structured and modern. The "Calista Breeze Skirt" has great graphics and it's the most interesting piece (and I guess it will be the top seller too) of this collection. I liked the "Copa Gems Necklace", I find the whole colored gems trend very interesting. The "Copa Wrap Dress" , the most expensive of the collection, has a very flattering neckline and a flattering shape in general, I only wish it was a different color..
I could make so many different outfits with this collection, but due to lack of time I only made one..

I'm wearing:
Calista Breeze Skirt, Rio
Sharp White Cape Blazer, Rio
Clean Cut Shirt, (Cheap Monday)
Carnival Rihanna Bottom, Riviera (resized/worn as necklace, click here for the how to)
PPQ Gaucho Hat, PPQ
Rosa Glass Earrings, Riviera

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