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Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Style : Crisp White

My style has drastically changed the last months. I think that writing for the blog and also following other stardoll related blogs has influenced my sense of style. I used to create complicated outfits, dark, inspired from fairy tales and most of the times wierd. And then one day something changed and these outfits weren't appealing to me anymore. I wanted something different, more minimal and more close to real life. The only think that hasn't changed is my color pallette, I still prefer black and white outfits mostly..
You can see some of my outfits from 2006 to now in this post  and many more in my album (here).

I'm wearing :
White Diva Chemisier, PPQ
High Waisted Leg Trousers, Decades
Handcuff Bag, Callie's Picks (originally from Frankie Morello)
Kurt Sunglasses, Royalty
Eyelashes Glasses, Evil Panda
Wig desinged by wardetd

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