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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Lately on Stardoll : and It Girls New Collections

The last week two new collections were released. 
The first one was from Nelly. Two new floors were added in the store and the prices range from 9 to 15 stardollars. This collection was rather disappointing, like the previous one which was released a few weeks back. The only thing I liked was the "Alice Sandals". Many of the dresses and skirts looked liked the belonged to Wild Candy and the shoes were very poorly made, if like they were from 2006. And why all the skirts and shorts so short? I want classy clothes not clothes that look like they are made for kids..

The second release was for It Girls. The prices range from 7 to 18 stardollars and there are two starcoins items for 98 and 160 starcoins.
One more rushed collection, with the prices beeing very expensive for the quality of the clothes. The "Frappe Tee", the "Hollywood Boulevard Shirt" and the "Blue Lagoon Dress" are my picks from this store.

I'm wearing :
Frappe Tee, It Girls
Blue Lagoon Dress, It Girls (worn as skirt)
Alice Sandals,
Edie Leather Bag,
Sharp White Cape Blazer, Rio

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