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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How to Style : Androgynous

Let me introduce you my new column : "How to style". Each post will be about a current fashion trend and how to recreate it on Stardoll. For this first post I chose the "Androgynous" style.
A few words : Androgynous can be described as a combination of masculine and feminine style. An androgynous outfit often consists of tailored clothes, suits, buttoned up shirts, oxfords shoes and structured purses.  Pixie cuts or slicked-back pony tails and bold brows complete the look. Accessories like a hat or a watch add a nice touch.

How to style it :

I'm wearing : Black Pants , 8 stardollars , Bonjour Bisou / Alexia Jacket , 15 stardollars , It Girls / Short Sleeved Blouse , 50 starcoins , It Girls / Black Silver Buckle Belt , 43 starcoins , Voile / Black Asymmetrical Top , 38 starcoins , Basics / Basic Black Denim Skirt , 45 starcoins , Basic / Black Shearling Bag , 7 stardollars , It Girls / Iris Shoes , 9 stardollars , / Pearl Tear Earrings , 8 stardollars , PPQ

Colors : Black and white is a classic combination. If you want to add color keep it simple, don't use more that three colors.
Shoes : The pointy heels add femininity to the outfit, without making it girly. Brogues, loafers or ankle boots work equally well.
Accessories : If you prefer to tuck the shirt into your pants, then a belt is needed. Choose one in the same color as your pants. A bowler hat can be added as well.
Bag : Go for a simple, structured bag. The attention is on your outfit, so the bag must supplement it and not overshadow it.
Jewellery : Choose wisely your jewellery. Wear a pair of earrings or a chunky necklace under your shirt collar. 
Make Up : Bold brows and nude lips are a must have. Create shadows and angles with the blush. For the eyes you can either keep it clean with black eyeliner or make a smokey eye (black or brown).

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