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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Find The Alternative Option : Hot Buys Edition

Cheaper versions of the January Hot Buys.

HotBuys Alex Skirt (Evil Panda) / Black Trimmed Shuffle Skirt (Bonjour Bisou)

HotBuys Charlotte Boots (Pretty n' Love) / Ripley Peep Toes (Bonjour Bisou)

HotBuys Mariniere Sweater (Bonjour Bisou) / White Mariniere Pull (Basics)

HotBuys Dotted Tights (It Girls) / White Cut In Two Trousers (Basics)

Hot Buys Snakeskin Dress (Rio) / Diamond Party Dress (Voile Holiday Boutique)

Hot Buys Lace Boots (It Girls) / Snow White Silver Boots (Apres Ski)

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