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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Saint Laurent Paris Tribute Collection

The third tribute store for this month has been released and it's an YSL tribute. The store has two floors and there are plenty of mini dresses and casual clothes and a gown. The prices range from 14 to 44 stardollars. You can also buy the interior for 35 stardollars.
The shoes, oh the shoes...How beautiful are they! And the bags, of course, are so chic and classic.
On the other hand the clothes are not impressive. There is only one gown in this tribute which is disapointing. My favourite clothing pieces are by far the "Slimane Sequin Dress", the "Saint Laurent Gown" and the "Heidi Seattle Sweater" . Everything else is mediocre and some of them are just ugly ( Mesh Hedi Dress. Why so much exposure? I just want my dolly's butt to be covered, is that too much to ask for? And all those super mini dresses..).
And here is my outfit. This time I have only one outfit and it's more like a demonstration on how to create your own gown.

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