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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Rio New Collection

This new collection consists of many festive dresses, lots of sparkle, glitter and sequins.
The prices range from 8 to 18 stardollars and from 78 to 108 starcoins.

Here is the collection :

This collection is one of the best Stardoll has released lately. It's in the Christmas spirit and even though I usually don't like much glittery stuff most of these pieces look awesome when combined with more casual clothes. My only complain is the lenght of the dresses, most dresses are very short.
My favourites are the "Pretty Party Dress", the "Iridescent Pumps", the "New Year Party Dress", the "Glitter Peep Toes", the "Shinny Peplum" and the "Teal Holiday Dress".

What I'm wearing :

Left outfit 
Pretty Party Dress , 16 stardollars , Rio
Pretty Holiday Leggings , 12 stardollars , Rio
Clean Cut Shirt , 19 stardollars , (Cheap Monday)
Gerald Shirt , 14 stardollars , Decades
Blows White Robe , 14 stardollars , Riviera
Belted Ankle Boots , 50 starcoins , Wild Candy
Ripley Peep Toes , 40 starcoins , Bonjour Bisou
Pearl Inlaid Headpiece , 8 stardollars , Film Theory

Right Outfit
 Shinny Peplum , 11 stardollars , Rio
Quilted Flounce Skirt , 78 stardollars , LE
Glitter Peep Toes , 10 stardollars , Rio
Green Snake Necklace , 13 stardollars , Epiphany
Diamond w Pearl Necklace , 23 stardollars , Epiphany

1 comment:

  1. I'm disappointed in the iridescent heels, but the originals would just be too difficult to reproduce. I'm very excited about this collection. It's the best to come along in quite some time. At least it's not outrageously priced!