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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pet-a-Porter New Collection

A new Pet-a-Porter Christmas collection is out. There are cats, dogs, a panda, a parrot and a lamb. They are all in the Christmas spirit and they are animated (meaning that they blink and a couple of them move their tail). Everything in the store, except the bags and boxes, is limited.
The prices for the animals range from 68 to 95 stardollars and for the decorations from 11 to 28 stardollars. You can also buy the interior for 75 stardollars (which is limited too).

I'm not really interested in this store and apparently a lot of members share the same opinion (the store was released seven hours ago and almost everything is still available).
Why? Because of the prices (obviously), the fact that they change after some time and people are reluctant to buy something they might not like it in the future and frankly who wants to spend so much money on a pet when instead they can get an awesome tribute gown?

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